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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Epis 65 - Do not open until Chrismas.....

Merry Christmas from all the boys at the Dhead Factor

Not much of a write up as this one is a long one

Shout out to the band Alligator for thier song !

Shout out to all the you tube clips, I pugged !

Have a safe and Merry Xmas !

From Jabs

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Epis 64 - Its the end of the world as we know it ? right ?

Welcome to the Dhead Factor

In this episode

We discuss Xmas

* What is the end of the world ?

* Music from the band Escape Syndrome (Canberra band)

* Random news from australia

* Boganwood

* Cobs in the car............again

* Jabs raves and rants

Yep welcome to the Dhead Factor

find more goodies at


What the frig is a pantamime ? I now know, thank you you tube !

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Epis 63 - Is anyone actually keeping track of these episodes ?

Hello and welcome to The Dhead Factor epsiode 63

In this episode

Jabs ! (hold the applause)

Cobs ! (Settle down)

Julia Gillard (WTF ?)

Circle 7 with a bit of see me falling (

oh yeah and we talk some random news.

This episode was meant to feature more but I ran out of time, that happens some times

Im not the type of person that likes to ramble and I always thing out every word that I say before I say it, interesting considering wehat comes out of my mouth really. Was that a typo back there ? Can some fix that ? Is really hard to fix stuff like that now its up laoded.

Damn that was another one - Must be getting tired

Thank you and good night

Jabs - The DHead Factor


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Monday, 3 December 2012

Epis 62 - The Succotash Day Tribute episode (Inception style)

In a move ripped out of inception its and episode within an episode

within an episode

Happy Succotash Day 4 December 2012


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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Epis 61 - The Tribute to Dont Quit Your Day cast

Hello and welcome to Episode 61

In this episode we talk about Mr Ed Wallick and his show Dont quit your day cast !

Find him at

Special shoutout to Tom for the family input in this episode !

If you want a copy of Eds song 'The V Monologues' then email us on

In this episode

* We listen to some clips

* Talk with Eds son

* Talk with Eds wife

* To to Tom Bevis

* Hear a song

Thank you for listening and good night

I once had a royal doodall.......

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Epis 60 - Racism in Aussieland

In this episode I cover a range of different subjects

* Racism arrests

* The bus attack

* The Succotash Show

*'Special' Agent OSO

and so much more

come get some

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Epis 59 - Cobs is back .... insert celebration here

A bit late but who ever said there was a timetable......

Skype craps out a couple of times

Cobs rocks out with his cock out.......

I tried to edit it the best I can.. but if you hear any problems I will fully refund the money you paid

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Welcome to the Dhead Factor.....

This is Jabs

How is everyone being this week ? Did I ever tell you what the little embed player does ?
It give you a chance to listen in on history in the making.
This is an episode of our podcast, I know ! Its hard to believe we dont just write blogs.......
We also perform a radio podcast called The Dhead Factor

This show is recorded out of Australia and feature a wide assortment of subjects including news or random news.

It actually pretty good if you ask me, you are arent you 

Well what else is happening, has honey boo boo graced our screens again ?
Is Game of Thrones back ?
Has Dexter killed his sister yet ?

Whats so weird about Dexter in this season is that he was in a true life relationship with his sister.... and they broke up.

Now they are pretending to not like each other, is that acting ? It doesnt appear to be a far stretch, you can see the pent up anger from the divorce settlement hiding behind both their eye ....

I should at this time note, Im not ever sure they were actually married... but who cares as long as Dexter is still fighting evil

This has been my rant !

Thank you and good night !

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Epis 58 - Did Jabs say Outakes or idiots ?

Hello and welcome to episode 58

Yep its a new episode feature the best in podcasting from around the world.

In this episode Jabs talks all things random

We take a look at outtakes from previous episodes

We listen to a song

Pissed off man drops by

Jabs closes off the show

and we listen to the best Royal and Doodall intro ever



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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Epis 57 - Dean Mayes wrote a book........

Welcome to The Dhead Factor

This is s ahort description as the content talks for it self

In this episode Jabs chats with

Dean Mayes

and we hear music from

Big Winter - Simple Ideas

Under a Banner - Some Stories

I told you this would be short


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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Epis 56 - The Misadventures of Holden Fairmont .....

Hi this is Jabs from The Dhead Factor and in this episode

* We talk political politics

* Steal a clip from the great show Pissed Off Man

* Talk about a man that shot himself playing Russian Roulette ...... is it racist to call it Russian ?

* Steal a retro clip from Royal and Doodall

* Listen to Boat Song from the Band Tides ! Awesome

* Talk to Noel from the Bonn and Obo show

and give you a peak at what happens behind the scenes of our podcast.....

I hope you enjoy the latest episode

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Epis 55 - The new feed is stronger and more resilient !

Hello and Welcome to Episode 55

Well I must warn you straight off the bat that this one is a bit random, but one of my favourite episodes in a long long time!


#fujosh, Jabs, Bogda and Stu

Its bound to get wierd

* We talk Tea bagging

* Josh explains himself after hitting a 5 year old

* Is Josh too old to drink ?

* Whens a good time to leave a kids party ?

* We talk sandwhich attacks in random news

* We also take a look at soap attacks

and debate is MIla Kunis the sexiest women alive

This episode features great music form the band Tides

Tides : Boat song

Find them here

Im going to let the episode do the rest of the explaining !

Only available on the new feed

Find us on twitter @thedheadfactor

or the web

Thanks you and good night

* When

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Epis 54 - The Boys are Back in Town.......The Hot Spot

Welcome to the Dhead Factor Episode 54

That right the boys are back in town, so join Jabs, Josh and Cobs in this weeks episode

We cover a range of topics

* What have you been up to this week ?

* Cobs gets the band back together

* We say goodbye to Rugby Rugby Rugby league

* If you ipad is stolen is it illegal for you to retrieve it ?

Music from My Friends and I

* Toilet bombs

* Fireworks

and boobs........

This is only a small amount of whats covered in episode 54..... Enjoy the episode ! Thank you and good night

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Friday, 5 October 2012

If it wasnt an election year....would you be saying that ?

Welcome to the Dhead Factor Blog

This is Jabs

Well in both American and Australia we are having a political race... the problem of coarse being that there is no candidate anyone would like to win....

It reminds me of the recent Rugby League grandfinal where the teams that played had no meaning to me and I just liked to watch it for the fights that would definately occur.

And of coarse it has begun, With Julia Vs Tony and Obama Vs Mitt where does that leave both our countries ?

Im not a political man, but I have been watching both races and following where we are at, I think its a race to entertain the masses and not about politics at all.

But thats enough about that serious crap.

Ive been looking at some great random stories this week and they will be featured in our new episodes. I cant believe with all this funny new, such a women getting arrested for drawing a picture and police having to intervene after a swimmer starts abusing kids when he got splashed in a pool, we get to ponder if this should be the reality show we want to watch ?

This would have to be better then watching the political race, hell it would be better to watch Jersey Shore then to wake up and realise these people are running our country.......

<Insert god you believe in here> help us all

Here is the stream to our latest show for your amusement, and in this episode I get to take to Mr Ed Wallick comedian, podcaster and man with beard......

Come get some

Until next week, thank you and good night !!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Epis 53 - The thrilling conclussion to the interview that ......

In this episode !

Jabs takes on Ed in round 2 In a thrilling battle of the minds, we bring you the thrilling conclusion to the world acclaimed interview that is taking the world by storm.

It an interview like no other Will Jabs be able to get a word in ?

Will Ed shave his beard ?

Who threw a beer ?

What old school movies should you miss ?

Is Jennifer Connoly hot before her boob job ?

It questions like this that make you want to take it on ! catch our site at

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Epis 52 - A story told in 2 parts.....because Mr Ed Wallick talk too much....

Hello and Welcome to the Dhead Factor

In a 2 part epic episode, featured over 2 week we bring you the funny !

Well not the funny but a talk between 2 podcast greats, Mr Ed Wallick and Jabs from the Dhead Factor

In this show Ed and Jabs talk the hard topics

* Ed talks beer throwing

* Marijuana

* Breaking Bad spoilers

* How to insult femaile celebrities on twitter

and so much more

More to come next week but drop us a line @thedheadfactor and the website




Bringing back the goods ! Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for some great comedy

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Its a radio show, but a futuristic one

Welcome to the Dhead Factor Blog

What is it ?

Why are you reading it and what am I going to tell you that you dont already know ?

Lets take a look at what a blog is and why people feel the need to vent and talk to the internet universe.....

Blogs are varied and can range from Random news to an assortment of personal opinions... which is why you should read this blog, its different in a different kind of way.

Did you know you can stream our episodes here as well ? Bet you did already as you are an active participant in the glory of The Dhead Factor.

In the last couple of weeks, we have been trying to catch up on letting life and the show has suffered because of it ! Well not anymore, its time to ramp it up again.

We are The Dhead Factor and we bring you the news you need to hear, the funny stuff.

You can go anywhere to hear the latest on who was murdered or raped or other depressing stuff like that so we troll the internet to find some of the odd, wierd and random news.

We also cover some great music as well from indie artists, so if you have anything you would like to send through catch us on twitter


or find us out on thedheadfactor at

But lets take a look at what we are featuring in the episodes coming up, we cover a number of stories like

* The man that stuck a monkey down his pants
* How stupid are politicians
* Is it illegal to find your own stolen iPad ?
* What is it like to live in the capital of Australia ?

We give our truths in the only form it should be told, straight from our mouths. Through doing this show I stumbled across some great great people and shows.

By listening to us you dont get 1 show, you get a ton more !

Come drop by some time and welcome yourself to chat with friends, or Dickheads if your that way inclined

Heres the iTunes link :

or stream the latest episode here

Thank you and good night

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Epis 51 - The Dhead Factor not so mini minisode

In the first episode in 2 week we bring you back the funny

In this episode we taking on the hard topics

Jabs tells about his latest incident of alchohol provoked non violence

We take a look at the Canberra Raiders

Look into a random news story from Canberra

Summarise the story and take a listen to the band escape syndrome from Canberra

Its The DHead Factor, Taking a satirical look at random news from around the globe

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Monday, 27 August 2012

The DHead Factor Minisode

So as we wait to get the boys back together for episode 50

I have decided to reintroduce the minisode.....that allows more DHead more of the time....

well not really, it will be the same amount of episode.....this is just an excuse to do a solo cast.

So we have a new episode so stop complaining and thanks for listening.....

Here it is, money back gaurantee...

Jabs - The Dhead Factor

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Royal and Doodall Day 2012


what have you been missing ?

There is a great little podcast called

The Royal and Doodall show

feature a collections of skits, random news, comedy, music and celebrity guest.....

We all falter in their light but that being said there is no reason not to get some Royal and Doodall action

In every episode you learn a little something about both these guys from

* The closet homosexual tendacies
* The alcoholics they will soon come
* The judgement of others thinking they are better and last but not least
* The Big Gay bear

There show features a ton of guest speaks from comedians Ed Wallick, Travis Clark and celebrity star host of The Dhead Factor 'Jabs'

There is also 2 americans and a news host....

Its actually pretty funny when you think about the show... maybe you dont need to listen and reading this is enough ?

I wouldnt thinks so either so I have found the embed player for you

That way there is no excuse not to love it.....

I also found the iTunes link

and because of their professionalism they are on Facebook, twitter (Royal_n_Doodall) and they have a web site thingy

This is Jabs, thank you and good night !

Oh yeah and celebrate a great independent show ! Get them charting on iTunes or listen into their live show latter today on u Stream

Find more details of the live show on twitter

Monday, 16 July 2012

What if this isnt real ? And we are all stuck in the matrix ??

In this weeks rant !

 We take a look at the random news and headlines that are making people talk......

Well not just people, I mean us..

Thats right people instead of our usual silly advice we decide to amp things up a bit Think of a 3 year old picking on a 6 year old, I know its almost like Im watching it ?

If both my kids want to be called mother, does that make them lesbians ?
Should I speak to someone ?
 I think I should speak to someone but not about that.....Im thinking I should talk to someone about the time I was on a radio show..... Dont believe me ?

Here it is

Catch up with some mates... thats right we are aussie, aussie aussie ! Come get some Aussie talk

Why not join in ? Send us an email thedheadfactor at

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Its really a mess when you think about it

Wow, What is going on with iTunes ?

We actually have a podcast that people enjoy listening to and we have recently asked our listener to change over to Stitcher If you are on an iphone and now want to listen to any of your favourite iTunes podcasts/radio shows you get in a complete turn around of pressing buttons and freezing ipods..........

 What the F&ck people ?

It should be easy to listen to, like on Stitcher. Stitcher is an app we got invovled with about 7 months ago, and I have been impressed.

Measuring customer service against iTunes I have been in contact with a human at stitcher who couldnt do anything more to assist us if problems occur, or if I have any questions.

With iTunes, Im not even sure people are actually reading my emails ?

 Measuring easiness in use Stitcher you load your favourites, and press a button to start the show ITunes used to be great at this, but with the latest featured app, Im not even sure what Im listening to......

 But that being said, who am I to complain about this ?

 Im Jabs from The DHead Factor and its ultimately your choice to choose where you would like to hear from us

Here is the iTunes link

or here is the Stitcher link 

or you can just stream it here...... we cover the fun news and the stories you love to hear.......

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Its not like any flu Ive had before

Wow that was an experience...

Ive been sick for the last week and unable to provide the usual update on all thing DHead Factor....

Ive been scrolling the random news all this week to see if there is anything interesting to discuss in our upcoming show and I have to admit.....its been an interesting week.

No Im not talking about Katie Holmes finally getting rid of Tom Cruise....that was expected, as they only had one of those marriages of 5 years. Its a new hollywood thing, like the rental of movie in which you can determine how long you want to be married.

Replacing the term, 'Til death do us part' to 'until....<insert pre determined, and arrange date of expiration>

It groundbreaking you would think, for instance if you were gay and wanted to try being married, you could give it a go with a women for 2 weeks and then have a lease in the marriage proposal to get a divorce. Unfortunately you still wont be able to married someone you love but there are always downfalls to these positive moves.....

So back to the show, coming up in this weeks episode....

I struggle with the 'Man Flu' for the second time this year but bring it back to the fans !

I cover a fighting story....kinds of, its more classed as a slapping incident...

I bring you the top 10 random stories from 2007 and we take a look at some great bands

So why not get involved by interacting with us on twitter @thedheadfactor
or email me, Jabs on

Heres the stream for the latest episode

We would love to hear from you, and would love for you to be part of the show....

I have also put up shorten versions of the show on iTunes under 'Three Drunk Guys' that way you can get smaller version and still enjoy it.

Well thank you for listening and reading and enjoy your day (or night)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Soccer World Cup.......Its not even football ?

So how is it going bloggers ?

Im stuck in the house for yet another week of the flu....

Bloody flu, Ive been trying to shake it for a couple of weeks

Oh well atleast I have 3 kids that allow me to rest....right ?

Soccer has nothing to do with this blog, as Im not sure of anything to do with soccer except they fall over alot....

great sport, as sport go, ever Harry Kewel has decided to get more money in England....

Strange when you think of it. Well the latest episode is out with a couple of drunk phone calls and random news.....

Treat yourself to something for free and interact with us
check out our web site
or twitter @thedheadfactor

Sunday, 17 June 2012

#fujosh was always the star......we all knew it

This episode was released before the actual bucks party


Probably a good thing when you think about it.

In this episode we take a look at a couple of reasons that #fujosh is the real star of the show....

Unfortunately its true...

In the latest clips we take a look at why thats true.....

Check it out on Stitcher Radio, iTunes or here

Sunday, 10 June 2012

New episode is if you didnt know

Im trying to decide if I should go on a rant or just show you the latest show ?

Its a bit of both when you think of it.

Whats up with Jersey Shore and why cant I stop watching it ?
It strange isnt it, so many people complain about it but still watch it......

I mean if we didnt watch this crap would there be a Human Centipede Movie ?
Did anyone actually believe that ? Are people more gorrified then usual ?
What ever happened to just standard entertainment where you could watch a horror movie and enjoy it ?

I mean should Jersey Shore be classed as the new form of horror ? Some episodes make me feel as disgusting as I do after watching the Human Centipede movie.

Have we gone to far with wanting to see everything ?
I mean, did Jackass lead the way ?

Not that I can complain, we do a show based on finding the random news from around the world without my blog rants....

But these are the  question we need to look at, do you have to drive past a crash to see what happened ?
That being said, our show has nothing to do with Jersey Shore, Human Centipede or other displays of human indignity.......

I will continue to watch Jersey Shore, out of amusement and contradict myself by complaining about how bad it is. One would think I could just turn it off.....but we need to know, how low these people will go.......

Here is our show....100% less Jersey Shore, just aussies having fun

Saturday, 2 June 2012

What is going on ? I mean really ?? Crazy people

So I would normally just put an episode up for you to stream !
But where would the fun in that be ?

I will put the player up for you to scroll through our episodes, we have been doing a couple a week.
If you dont have time to stream it then download it from iTunes or listen to it on Stitcher !
So now to the blog ! Whats going on ?
What is commitment ? Yesterday we sat in the rain with the weather at 5 degrees freezing and watching our team lose 40 to nil.....
It was kind of sad and depressing really when you thing about it but what can you do.
Our show is a funny look at random stuff in the world, but there are serious topics that need to be covered and we try to tread that line.
Our whole show is fun, you have fun listening and we have fun recording ! But that being said you should write to us and be part of the show !
We want you to be part of the show ! even to the point where you can call us on Skype and record with us ! Im serious type in The Dhead Factor on Skype and be part of it !
Have fun ! Thank you and good night
Check out other great shows like
Gee and Jay and Royal and Doodall !

Friday, 25 May 2012

The interuption of what was once greatness

How are you all ?
We at the DHead take on the Random news from around the world and put our Australian perspective onto it.

Im not going to lie, we sometime get carried away but honestly who could blame us ?

* Tanning mothers taking their daughters to the salon
* John Travolta getting touchy with male massagers !
* A candian man gets attacked whilst sitting on the toilet
* #fujosh isnt allowed to turn up to the football during the week.....

What is going on people ?

Is this place getting worse or has it become worse since we were classed as entertainment ?

I mean come on, we enjoy the show and so do you .... who wouldnt but we make entertainment out of the idiots in the worlds !

And it will only get worse

Take a listen to our latest show

Im not expecting you to listen to the whole show.... especially when you can get some listening pleasure from both

or iTunes on

It is interesting when you thin about it, and we expect you to be part of the show....

send us random news, or a tweet, or even just say Gday .......

We are driven by the fans and we enjoy our own show

Thank you and Good night

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Episode 32.......

Episode 32

The Dhead Factor Random news cast is now available

Welcome to Epsiode 32 In this episode Jabs and Josh make a valiant return By valiant return, 

I mean a return from last week. 

 In this episode we take a look at the Random news from around the globe, talk horse racing.....regret using the C bomb and so much more 
This podcast is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken seriously..... 
 Unless your me..... I take it too serious.......I cry at night over it....... 
 Its sad really, did I tell you that Superman 2 is on the tv at the moment ? 
Its good to see, unfortunately its not the directors cut, but what can we do. 

Royal and Doodall did some funny stuff in their last episode.... 

They did a hillbilly hip hop song, and a Rigid Fist add........ 

 And theres always Gee and Jay to bring the funny .....

 I did notice that bonnobo reads this as well, so hello to you as well. Did I cover everything ? Its a fair bit to read when you listening to our show..... 

Long live #fujosh Watch out for the #biggaybear And hello to all #yabastards out there......

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Its only smart if you dont think about it........

Why not talk about the latest episode ?

I have been and its not just because I created it...

Something that merges with comedy and detours to the sad disgrace that there are actually idiots like this out there.

Why not cover topic stories ? Why would we ? Isnt there enough crap out there to make you feel crap about the outside ? What we try to provide is a view at the odd and random news that is happening around the world....

I enjoy it and it doesnt leave you with a bad aftertaste......well sometimes it does.

Click the link and have a listen

If you like what you hear, check us out on iTunes, stitcher and so much more.......

Do you want to be part of the show ? Now you can, either shoot me through an email with a story or add us on skype and be part of the show

We only ask that you have fun, as we do

our site easy isnt it.......

Monday, 30 April 2012

The Dhead Factor is up to something

Wow its been a long time between drinks....

 In a story that spans many weeks I have decided to go back to blog writing !

I know where else would I go ?

The Dhead Factor is nothing if not for the fans and our listeners We have produced over 30 episodes now with a range of guest stars, interviews and great music

 But our show continues to be fun and that is the main thing Lets get the formalities out of the way....... Here is our latest episode

This is Jabs from The Dhead Fator and welcome to episode 30

In this episode we take on Anzac day with the formalities and then get into to some drinking fun.

We dont endorse you getting drunk the way we do but in the mean time its time to listen in and hear us perform responsible drinking .....kind of

Did I mention you cant shut us up and we now do 2 episodes a week ! No ? Well what the fuck are you doing about it now you know ?

Heres a taste of the mid week episode

Now sit back and listen.

We are also on sticther radio which I recommend as you get to listen to every episode at your convenience

Free promo code : Dheadfactor

Easy right ? We are also on that #fuitunes thingy

@thedheadfactor is twitter is where you can send us random news and music

Did I mention that we talk about random news from around the world ? We do and take the best of the funniest news taking it on one subject at a time.....

Drop us a line and we will give you a shout out on the show

Search for us right away

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

When SHit gets Weird #Fujosh is always there

The latest and some would think the greatest episode ever.....

Yeah maybe not, we have fun doing it and you can have fun listening to it. In this episode shits got strange and #fujosh got sick after checking out a site ! Im not going to tell you what the site is, I want you to listen to the show and I want you to enjoy it. Have a crack and tells us what you think and so much more !

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Episode 26 - The Tribute to the Succotash Show

Welcome to the ultimate in tribute shows to the Succotash Podcast

 In this episode #fujosh doesnt show up again......

 Jabs borrows the Succotash format and plays clips from Man Cave Podcast Dont Quit your Day Cast Royal and Doodall Gee and Jay And Succotash !! Have you stopped reading yet ? I havent stopped writing yet ..... blah blah blah blah #BigGayBear2012 !!! How you doing boys ?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Episode 23 - Its a really really good episode

 The latest episode ...........

 Hello Listeners ! In this newly extended episode things go crazy We have lot of fun and take on the worlds random news by giving you a glimpse into our lives...... Sounds interesting doesnt it.... It should because it aint half bad..... This is the first episode we actually had to remove something Josh had said..... I know ! Considering the show it must have been bad So subscribe on Stitcher and download it using the code Thedheadfactor or iTunes or any other format you may like ! Bring you the free humour from Australia ! Whats not to love twitter on @thedheadfactor and facebook

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wow......was that your penis ?

Im not going to lie to you.....this show is not for everyones taste although some people do class it as actually funny ?

I know what are they thinking ?

In the latest episode it features a large amount of both Josh and Jabs as they talk the recent Gay Mardis Gras, UFC and a sydney trip that need to be heard to be believed.

We even got a bit lazy in the middle of it and clipped the Succotash show !

Great stuff, it funny and not in a vegemite kind of way.
I watched some movies the other day, they werent too bad. There was one called priest and it had some vampires and stuff in it.
It was pretty cool, speaking of cool it getting cold here in Canberra !

Very weird stuff, it a boring place that is now a boring and cold place. On a positive note though there is always our show for you to enjoy.

Im not certain you havent already listened, you people should write something back ! Who are you ? Why are you wearing my hat ?

Good evening !

Jabs - The Dhead Factor

Saturday, 17 March 2012

When things go Vegemite......

Hi This is Jabs from The Dickhead Factor

Hello all and one...... What has been happening?
That is an actual question which should warrant some form of response, if you are indeed someone that is not socially retarded......
So its been a hell of  a week so......There have been a range of problems that have made my life hard, this is what I call Problems of the Middle Class......
* I went to black Opal and had to look at ugly people.........Ugly People Cmon
* A Fat girl waddled in the middle of the pathway as I tried to walk into work........with no way of getting around her
* I had to resort to instant coffee after my Late machine broke
* We had our $400 seats at UFC ruined by listening to idiots yell out......'Kick him in the vagina' multiple times
* We had an Australian taxi driver on the way home.......doesnt sound bad ? He was a dick......
These are only a few of the issues that have affected me over the last week, but then I hear the bloke that made the movie KONY was caught masturbating in a toilet......
WOW, people are very self destructive, thats why we do our allows us to create persona's that we wouldnt normally get away with in a work environment....... Don't believe me ? Ask yourself if you are the same person at work, and at home ?
Even if you think you are, you are not telling yourself the truth.........
People need an outlet....other then yelling and screaming in a car..... hence the Dhead Factor......we cover the true Dickheads out there and provide a Dickheads opinion on it..... whats not to like ?
In the latest episode, I go solo and take on a few subjects that make me angry.... I also play some music, and talk to some friends from Royal and Doodall.....If you only hear one podcast today.... it should be this one.
Jabs- The Dhead Factor

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Episode 20 - Its a solo cast with a few friends

In an episode planned on the spot
Jabs go solo and not in the good sense
Making space for the talk with Doodall, Jabs takes on the full episode with an onslaught of ego boosting drab
Gee and Jay say hello with their guest the pirate Its really not something you keen on reading anyway is it
Did I tell you my son crashed my laptop !
Just in time for me to pay it off !

There is clips galore, news from England, Music and much much more Follow us on twitter @thedheadfactor or Royal and Doodall @Royal_n_Doodall or Gee and Jay @Geeandjay or check our new hit website

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Dickhead Factor comedy is subjective.......we thankfully are not

Its a rush job as Jabs and Josh do a mid week cast to get organised for the boy weekend ! Are you ready ? In this episode we ramble a bit...... Try to add some class with political intrigue...... Talk some random news Also thanks to Royal and Doodall the only guys that actually read this blurb..... The do a cast too go and check them out or click and you will see all the great podcasts !! Awesome, awesome peep............. Say Gday why dont you ?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

EPis 17..............Jabs is sooooo sick...........who cares.....

In this cast Jabs tackles the all insults of turning up Sick and works through a range of different stories.

Josh is back with Stu and Cobs and they are firing on all channels In a great cast we take on crime, boobs, dog burning and so much more ! Its like a podcast, only funnier Still havent heard if anyone is actually reading this stuff…..

Did I tell you I have a hand ? I do, I check every morning and its still there ?!? Whats cracking peeps ?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

EPis 17..............We are soooo sorry Whitney...........

In the latest episode we push forward without the co host Josh !! In this episode we say hello to Jabs and Aaron...... Talk about the recent burst of celebrity deaths....... Listen to jabs on Gee and Jay...... Smoke some crack and talk Whitney .....ouch and then comes the news Bring it on !! Awesome stuff ......did you know I got drunk last night ? I did ... it was fun......the hangover isnt

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Episode 16........I know your enjoying it.......

In this episode we talk Schooling crisis and how we can find money to help Jabs get his kids through school.

He is cheap that way you know.....

Have you heard of Succotash ? We have ...

.the podcast designed to help independent podcasts !!

On another note has summer come yet ? I bought an evaporative cooling system and havent had to use it yet

Whoshout is it ? Not mine........

Send us an email at or

check us out on twitter @thedheadfactor Thank you and Good night..

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Episode 15 ........The Dhead Factor....Hang on Wheres Josh ?

Thats right Josh is missing ? Can we go on without him ?? You figure it out......we surely cant but we try anyway Its time for episode 15.....rock it out In this episode we take on shoes ! I kid you not We also discuss Random news and stuff and more stuff and then we talk abit ! Sounds tempting doesnt it ! Its not like the Indian cricket team we actually have talent or

on twitter @thedheadfactor Bring it !! Enjoy It ! Dont have sex with it

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gee and Jay Show Day is here ! Are you doing enough to support talent ?

Its Gee and Jay Show day in Australia.............Do you part by downloading it from iTunes
These guys run a great podcast and deserve to hit top 100 ! So far with all your support they have been featured and have hit 130......
Only 30 places to go !!! Download, ask you friend to download, steal other peoples phones and download.......then return them you criminal !
Stealing is bad
But this Podcast isnt ! If you love our show and I know you do ! Then check out the Gee and Jay show !
The only Irish podcast I listen 2 about 2 men from Belfast ! Featuring Lesbians ! Bananna Man references ! Drinking ! Criminal Activity ! Cohost Antics and so much more
The day is Feb 1 2012 and its just started in some part of the country !! Get it together people and dont be the one person not talking about the Gee and Jay show !!
You are a true friend in advance ! Now Im off to record our latest episode...
Here the link :

Monday, 30 January 2012

The taste of something to come.....

Yo whats up man ! Or girls.....sorry for that, Im an old man and Im trying to be cool

We just completed and released our latest episode in which we cover a large range of topical topic about stuff............
We try to answer the question can we control what goes on iTunes or is it prempted for extracted radio clips that they class as 'Podcasts'

To start our movement tomorrow is the Gee and Jay show day ! WHy ? WHy not ??
Gee and Jay are just a couple of blokes having some fun and doing a podcast cover a range of different topics......and best of all they have irish accents !
Podcasts are a movement that should be taken seriously ...... well kind of........ its hard to take a podcast serious when we cover hard topics like midget related deaths, tampon attack etc..........

Before tomorrow hits why not take a look at what we have to offer in our latest episode where we create a crossover ......
Whats a crossover ? Think Bones and Family Guy
The Simpsons and The Critic
The flintstones and the Jetsons.....

You get the idea... takes a listen

Its free you know ? WHat you didnt !!! Now you do you have no excuse other then if you deaf, then we apologise but if we get enough interest we will transcribe it.....

On that note if you blind you cant see this so again we apologise to the person reading this to you.......... and to you once the person reads this bit.......

It hindsight we have limited our audience but we will try better......
If you arent blind or death and still cant read........
The are classes you can take, just specify its so you can read our blog for a discount......
The Dickhead Factor - Helping others.......
Check us on twitter @thedheadfactor
email us on
Thank you and see you tomorrow ! Gee and Jay day !!

Episode 14 .............Hang on wait for it...........The Gee and Jay show

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Dickhead Factor Australian Day address

Whats crappening people!

Its the day to be proud and Australian today !Happy Australia Day !
A few pointers before I begin my rant in true Dickhead Factor style
* Cricket is awesome !
* Beer is good
* The triple J hottest 100 is the only thing to listen to after you listen to our latest episode
* A mate is someone that stands by you and supplies the beer
* Thongs are footwear.......not shit you shove up your arse
* Vegemite is a mandatory breakfast !
* Getting your canadian wife to make a pavlova is still Australian
* Sunscreen is a must
* Flies are still fucking annoying
* Cleaning the BBQ before use is optional
* Place your beers in the fridge early to ensure they are cold enough for general use......
* Salad is optional and is only called salad when there is meat mixed through...
* Eating lamingtons is not gay today ! Eat up !!
* Hosing down something is as good as washing something
* If you cant fish some fishing
* Your bbq must have sausages, and lamb chops
* Watch out for Drop Bears
* Its ok to eat both Kangaroo and Emu as long as its cooked on the BBQ
and last but definately not least
* Wave your flags high ! Even if you disagree where it comes from its still an exhibition of being Australian and proud ! It is not racist !!
So heres our latest podcast and older episode for you to enjoy !

And so begins my rant ! Fuck you it aint racist to display a flag of the country you live in....especially when its AUSTRALIA DAY people....... Racism is a targeted attack at different races and is completely not acceptable.....unless your english......but other then that....if your proud, wave your flag high ! Then put your pants back on because you may have vistors....
Being Australian is not about races, its about nationality and in this country we are proud to welcome other countries and their customs.....especially Irish Day.... there more drunk green faced Aussies then any other country !
But on a serious note we are all Australians deep down....if you love beer, have mates and dont take shit seriously.....
She'll be right mate ! Fuck ough ! Struth, What the fuck is a shrimp ?, That aint burnt is well done........................
I hope whoever you are and wherever you are you have a moment to think about Australia today as today is our day to celebrate relaxing and drinking .....
Thank you and Good night
Jabs - The Dhead Factor

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Episode 13 - The audio Podcast from The Dickhead Factor

We are definately Dickheads .............ask yourself why you havent listened yet ? The blog will be written very soon !!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Feb 1 2012......Gee and Jay Day

Well where do you start ??

The Gee and Jay Radio show is from 2 Irish Guys ! The cover a range of different subjects and provide a comedic look at a number of events.

On Feb 1 2012, We are going to get Gee and Jay into the iTunes top 100 ! Why ? Why not ! Are you sick of seeing podcast that arent really podcasts in the iTunes countdown ? Let have a look at it.....most Podcasts in the top 100 are from actual radio presentations and are not specifically designed for the podcast format...........

Gee and Jay show are the exception......I personally love the podcast, it is very amusing and the music is second to none....

Im not going to brag about it too should check them out your self..... They really are better then a well scalped arse

Grab them on iTunes <itunes click here>

or check out there web site on

And remember Feb 1 2012....all you have to do is download, download, download people fro iTunes and lets get them onto the top 100 where they belong....

See you all on Feb 1

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Babysitting debate - The Dickhead Factor !!

Now people I have a question to pose to you.............

Is it called babysitting if they are indeed (allegedly) your children ?

I am the owner of 3 children and my wife has decided to head for a shopping weekend and leave me with the kids.

Now Im not worried about the whole babysitting aspect of it as what I hope is their biological parent.......*paternity suit pending but I do however get called the great old term of 'Dick Head' because I usually state that I will be babysitting my children on the weekend.

Now lets break down why I call it baby sitting.....they are indeed under 5 years old......I will be spending the whole time sitting.....

WTF does it matter what I call it, you are indeed the dickhead if you fell that the only debate about soemone looking after their children over the weekend should be about what you call the actual process.......

I would be more worried about Tv subscription and the most important things bed time.....

Some may debate that they actually look after me and who am I to disagree as I write this blog from my bed and my 5 year old daughter is cooking me bacon...................Im joking people she isnt allowed to use the oven.......She is just slaughtering the pig.....

I call dickhead on all the people that get bogged down with semantics, when there are more important questions to pose...... Check yourself pimples.....

For more of our rant about the Dickheads out there and in some cases us being dickheads check us out on our some what attempt to be funny below....

You may also take the time to figure out that the rants on this blog are indeed a version of advertisement and venting for our world acclaimed podcast ! Check it out before SOPA stops it ! Comedy is the first thing that goes....

Thank you and Good Night - Jabs

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cobs.........The Dickhead Factor of New years eve

New years, what a day, night etc. Enjoying ourselves down in Batemans Bay for an extended weekend. Good weather, good times. At the end of this weekend it was time to pack up and head back home with the other 50 000 Canberrans that wished they lived somewhere other than Canberra. Mood was cruisey and the fuel in the car was low. Thus we needed to stop in at the fuel station before we made the trek back up The Clyde, about 50 others had the same idea and everyone was lining up patiently to get their turn on a bowser.

It was a the standard fuel station setup 4 or 5 lanes with 2 pumps per lane. 100% efficiency is rarely achieved with this setup, but it is still the best. One car will get the first bowser and the car behind will get to the second. Naturally with this system the car getting there first will fill up and pay first and be on their way before the second driver. This gap is then compounded if the car in front only needs to fill up a  little and the 2nd car needs a lot. This day in question I was the 2nd car and I needed a whole tank. There was a long line of cars behind me which had been the norm all morning. I filled up and paid and when getting back to my car this old guy in a Range Rover revved his engine aggressively at me.

Having had lined up for an unusual length of time to get fuel and experienced that same feeling you get on a long haul flight (I need to be here, theres not much a I can do so just put up with it) This made me snap, “That’s fucking unnecessary,” was my reply. The guys engine was revving so loud that I couldn’t hear anything he was saying back. I didn’t care, I was in the Supermarket Sweep of arguments, nothing mattered. I just needed to fill my trolley with as many insults as I could in a short amount of time.

After about a 15 second barrage of insults, with neither of us probably hearing what the other said, I got back in my car. My final victory would be employing the go-slow tactic of leaving the petrol pump. I sat down in my seat, checked everything. Then rolled forward for about 2 seconds and put the brakes on. Waited for a bit more, then rolled forward again, slowed down and then left. What a moral victory. After this it got me thinking where does this leave me and the other driver. How big of dickheads are we? I seem to walk that fine line between being an aggressive dickhead, passionately reasonable and consciously contrary.

On this occasion I believe I was the first two, aggressive dickhead with a hint of being reasonable in standing up for myself. With employing the go-slow tactics on leave, I was just being a passive-aggressive dickhead. This was no gain to anyone other than my own twisted ego. Then after all these thoughts it got me thinking about how many times I have been on the other side, being the aggressor and starting a petty squabble like this. I have no intentions of changing my ways, there comes a time when you are a dickhead but think you are being reasonable and and also times where you think you’ve just been a dickhead felt guilty about the situation and someone has given you the reassuring “Nahh, all good.”

If you want more Dickheads observations check out the latest episode below

Cobs - The dhead Factor

Monday, 16 January 2012

If you dont have time to wait check us out on itunes at
We are also available on Stitcher, Zune and Blackberry ! Enjoy !!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Podcast of the Dickheads episode 12

Its the latest episode of the highly acclaimed Dhead Factor Podcast series and its all ours !!

If you dont have time to wait check us out on itunes at

We are also available on Stitcher, Zune and Blackberry ! Enjoy !!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Editing is a eat cake

The new episode launches in a couple of hours.......

Starting with its play on rant radio which is here
at what I believe is 7.30 Pacific standard time...... this is not by any means a problem and is more inclined to create enjoyment.... but here I am still editing it with only a couple of hours to go...

The art of editing is a skill...Im unfortunately skill less and have a wee bit of OCD with every cast. I find it hard to work out what I should be leaving in or leaving out.
Again not a problem you might think because our show is actually created in the form of randomness ..... but here I sit 2 coffees in wondering what I need to cut.
Did you hear about the cricket ! Go Australia we are about to win again..... not even Budha could save India at this stage....
Why do they call it instant coffee if it indeed takes a while to make ? wouldnt instant coffee come in a can ?
I like rainbows.....
The Dickhead Factor.....the podcast that tells you what you need to hear !

Its the aftertaste that people enjoy.....

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday it is not ........The Dickhead Factor Horror Review

Whats cracking people ! This is Jabs from the Dickhead (Dhead) Factor

So its Saturday here and we are about to finally kick off our new episode for 2012 ... we are unplanned and unorganised for the show but that hasnt stopped us in any way before....

So Im a bit upset that I missed Friday the 13th yesterday and believe it may be a reflection of the age we grow up in now...

I remember when on Friday the 13th you could go home eat tons and watch horror movies.....but now horror has changed and I cant help myself but get angry at the villians now......

I watched this horror movie starring Kathryn Heigl the other day and instead of enjoying the actual horror of the movie, I couldnt help but get really really angry and want to punch her in the throat....

Now I don't endorse domestic violence in anyway but this movie really got under my skin.... The movie was about a women and a blok that inherit a kid after the parents die.......

Whats my problem ? Lets look at the story again..... parents die and instead of thinking of an appropriate person to look after their child, they decide in the unlikely event that we die we should attempt to match make ! because that is what will come into your head when you are planning your death.

Now the horror was an unnerving event that ended up going from scary to completely annoying in a matter of moments......

Insert the following formula ! Unlikely couple are forced together, They have a huge fight, they get back together........

And there you have a movie that will top the horror charts this year ! But will people be like me and finding it moving from true horror to annoyance ?

The choice is yours...... Now ask yourself why I am ranting about a movie just like everyone else on the internet ? Its because I am attempting to plug our podcast where we bring the random news with a subjective view !

Why read when you can listen ?

Start with our best of works for me


Or you can just stream it below............

Disclaimer...... The Dickhead Factor (Dhead) is only be taken in moderate amounts as it is an extremely addictive substance, similar to cocaine.......... Once you get a taste you may never turn back

Thank you and Good night ! 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The ultimate Dickhead Subscription alert !

Why the hell shoudn't it ?

It a podcast that requires multiple listening sessions and is available on som many different formats it really does matter..........

One of those formats is iTunes............unfortunately its also apple iTunes but wait dont hold that against us ! iTunes allows us to get our show out for many man listeners and it looks real pretty on the page ! We receive feedback mostly positive and it allows us to expand our egos

Heres the link (Click here)

For itunes that is...subscribe and be part of the community of the fastest growing podcast in the true definition.....

We have a number of different episodes under our belt now and more recently we created an episode to allow new listeners in ..... The best of 2011 feature our favourite clips, music and sooo much more..... It had to be split over 2 episodes it was so big....

We welcome new listeners and only ask that you enjoy yourself...... if you feel part of the conversation then we have suceeded.

We are also available on stitcher......tunein radio...........blackberry and weekly on soundcloud......

Best of 2011 Part 2 - The Dhead Factor Blog

In an original show based on previous episodes we take a look back at where we are and what we should be doing for the oncoming year.

The Dhead Factor is a podcast we started to have some fun and boy have we..... with 11 episodes under our belt and a number of special clip shows we are far from finished....

One morning I woke up and thought why not broadcast our lives into the universe and see what happens...expecting only 5 listeners (the hosts) we did just that fueled by the smooth crisp taste of beer......

In the first episode we didn't know what to do, we just started to talk and have some fun.........with the alcohol resting in our systems pleasantly we took on random news from around the world looking into the true Dheads (Dickheads out there) and passing our judgement on all those special enough to be born as an elite DHead class....

We still continue to pass our judgement and have fun publishing it through a number of method including iTunes, Stitcher, Blackberry and Zune....... Oh yeah and we stream it live right here.....

After many month of having fun we pushed ourselves into a radio show that can be heard on rant media ! This was one of our proudest moments and still continues to be.....

The best of shows we produced are a way of introducing you to the show if you havent heard it, or if you have to enjoy some of your favourite clips.....

I recommend listening to both of them and not taking the seriously they are mearley for jest and should be taken that way and we hope that you enjoy it half as much as we do in making it.....

Yes we are AUSTRALIAN and proud of sit back and relax....join us by communicating and we will talk to you either through

email :

twitter : @thedheadfactor

facebook : Page The Dhead Factor

or now available on skype ! Search for us and leave us a message on our answering machine......

Thank you for all your support and keeping on trucking !

Friday, 6 January 2012

Best of 2011 Part 1 - The Dhead Factor

The Best of 2011 part 1...........In this new podcast we cover a large range of different subjects

Jabs - The Host

Josh - Co Host

and Stu - The ring in

talk podcasting .......

In this episode they take a look back at how the podcast was created and what they were trying to achieve whilst flashing back to their favourtie episode from 2011 and the Random news stories.

Basically the podcast is designed for entertainment purposes and is a tool for fun.... The boys (and sometimes a girl) like to talk shit about many subjects so they thought why not record it and take on the hard hitting subject such as

* A man that robbed a 7 11 in a gumby suit

* Tampon throwing attacks from Australia

* Midgets deaths in badger holes

* A family stuck in a corn maze for hours

and so much more......

As a way of bringing the entertainment they arlso bring great music from around the world and allow listeners to plug their own clips or bring something into the show....................

Why dont you design something and send it through they would love to hear from you.........

Now its time to sit back, relax and enjoy Australias number one Dickhead (thats what Dhead stands for)

The show is designed for fun so enjoy it !