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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Episide 50 - The flashback that needed to happen.........

Hi this is Jabs from the Dhead Factor

Unfortunately the boys have gone if different directions since last weeks 'incident'

but thanks to Marc Hershon from Succotash we were able to retrieve an episode that was thought to be lost

Episode 50  - Where all the boys are back together

Jabs, Josh, Stu, Bogda, Scotty and Cobs make a big return and bring you the random news

In this episode

* We tell you what we have been up to

* Listen to some random news

* Hear music from Under a Banner

* Tell you how to burn your house down

and so much more......

What are you waiting for


Did you know that royal and Doodall are actually father and son ? #truepodcastfacts

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Monday, 6 May 2013

Epis 73 - This one is Davian Dent Weird.....

Welcome to the Dheadfactor......

Unfortunately an incident happens in the first moments of this episode....

we are sorry

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