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Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Dhead Factor new, old and somewhere inbetween ......

Well its a random clip to say the least


Feature a new clip, an old clip and a BOganwood episode ....


Whats not to love ......

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Friday, 25 April 2014

The Kundalini Files

From the brain child of Davian Dent and the hit show The Bitter Sound

Come the next thing in podcasts class

The Kundalini Files

Just released is the brilliant episode 3 which can be found at



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Sunday, 6 April 2014

The flashback to the Dhead Factor Clip Show Part 2

An old episode to say the least but it does get back into clips from previous episode that you should enjoy !


Will we be back ?


That my friend is a certainty ..... When ? WHo knows ?? But soon, very very soon ...........


Jump back into the saddle as we take a look at some of our favourite episodes


And remember #fujosh !


Jabs - The Dhead Factor

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Chrimas episodes : The flashback to the Dhead Factor Clip Show Part 1

Thats right instead of us rehashing the same material we have decided to re release some of the classic episodes you may not have heard

In this episode we take a look at some classic clips that made the show funny !

Covering Random news the boys are back ........ well they were back then

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Epis 76 - So Raw its like a certain persons thighs

In tonights episode......

Its raw and mostly un edited as promised to all you lovers of everything raw without lubricant....

Who watch Breaking Bad ? Thats kicking butt at the moment

Well glad you still reading these and this is one of our last episode.....

So we are going to say Goodbye the only way we know how ! By bringing the damage !!

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Epis 75 - And then there was Tom talking about going to the toilet

So Welcome to a very long and some have considered epic episode in the back to fortnightly episode of the Dhead Factor

In this episode

* Music from the great band @TeaWhyb

* Tom Bevis joins Jabs to answer some pointed questions and talk Random News

* New episode of Boganwood

* The legend Shamus O Coont

* Jabs in real life

* The failed Dhead Factor episode

and so much more !

It was a very big episode and worth it now we are fortnightly !

Thats it from me, get our blogs and more at

Thank you and good night ! Jabsxxxxoooooo

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

This blog is titled......more then enough

Hello this is Jabs from the Dhead Factor!

So how are we going around the world and what the hell have you been up to?
Me I hear you not ask, well I have been doing bits and pieces and working and all that boring stuff. That being said we are working on this weekend’s episode in which we will be bringing the big guns! But what can I say about that except you must listen.
So as the world reports a range of different things on their website front pages, we are again haunted by yet another election. Now when I say election it should go with some understanding so here it is……
In Australia we vote for a political party, based on our thoughts of their policies and the work they do for the economy. In some cases for instance if you are a sole worker or trader you may vote for the Liberal party, as they have been known to help you. But I have to admit, that this year I’m at a stale mate. I wouldn’t have a clue who votes for and if it wasn’t mandatory, I’m not even certain I would actually vote!!!!
What that’s an outrage I hear you not say! Well if you lived and breathed the Australia politics as we do, you would also find it hard to try and sift through the crap to find at least one party you agree with!
But that’s enough about politics! I wouldn’t want to show how ignorant I actually am (Or more so then I usually do). What else has been happening I hear you say?
Well I have run into a couple of kangaroos lately (You can find the photos on Instagram- dheadfactor username) as I walking around the suburbs. Now there are 2 kinds of kangaroos…. There are the small cutes one (earlier seen yesterday) and then there are the big (Don’t fuck with me) ones…..
I will go into the story in detail this weekend on the show but let me just say, that when they are big they can be very deadly!
FUCK its cold! Now I know I should complain, but it’s really cold at the moment…. And don’t get me started on those bloody raiders! How dare they break their winning streak in my presence!!!
Besides all this nothing has been happening, it actually too cold to have a life outside of the internet but that has allowed me to get into more writing for the show (and other projects).
Well that’s enough from me but I will leave you with some ways to live as an Australian even if you  live in another country…….
·        Step 1 – Call everyone mate…. I mean everyone. Don’t miss out on calling female, males, animals, kids, lawyers, bus drivers, taxi drivers or people over the phone. Just through it in there. If you get stuck on a name (or can’t remember one) just say G’day Mate and you will get away from it.
·        Step 2 – Give your ‘Mates’ a nick name…… don’t go to too much trouble (that would be un-Australian). A great way to start is to add an ‘O’ to the ends of their names….. Now remember that in Australia that a nick name is not a way to shorten a name… It’s a way to lazily speak about someone….. Here a sentence to assist you -  ‘Gday Mate, I was driving with Davo the other day when Jacko and Micko rang me up and said that we should head over to Ricko’s place’
Well there only a couple of them but if you listen to Boganwood ( you will get more pointers!
Plus we will be doing stuff in the new Dhead Factor episode out this weekend!!!!!
Thank you for reading and goodnight!!