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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Epis 57 - Dean Mayes wrote a book........

Welcome to The Dhead Factor

This is s ahort description as the content talks for it self

In this episode Jabs chats with

Dean Mayes

and we hear music from

Big Winter - Simple Ideas

Under a Banner - Some Stories

I told you this would be short


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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Epis 56 - The Misadventures of Holden Fairmont .....

Hi this is Jabs from The Dhead Factor and in this episode

* We talk political politics

* Steal a clip from the great show Pissed Off Man

* Talk about a man that shot himself playing Russian Roulette ...... is it racist to call it Russian ?

* Steal a retro clip from Royal and Doodall

* Listen to Boat Song from the Band Tides ! Awesome

* Talk to Noel from the Bonn and Obo show

and give you a peak at what happens behind the scenes of our podcast.....

I hope you enjoy the latest episode

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Epis 55 - The new feed is stronger and more resilient !

Hello and Welcome to Episode 55

Well I must warn you straight off the bat that this one is a bit random, but one of my favourite episodes in a long long time!


#fujosh, Jabs, Bogda and Stu

Its bound to get wierd

* We talk Tea bagging

* Josh explains himself after hitting a 5 year old

* Is Josh too old to drink ?

* Whens a good time to leave a kids party ?

* We talk sandwhich attacks in random news

* We also take a look at soap attacks

and debate is MIla Kunis the sexiest women alive

This episode features great music form the band Tides

Tides : Boat song

Find them here

Im going to let the episode do the rest of the explaining !

Only available on the new feed

Find us on twitter @thedheadfactor

or the web

Thanks you and good night

* When

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Epis 54 - The Boys are Back in Town.......The Hot Spot

Welcome to the Dhead Factor Episode 54

That right the boys are back in town, so join Jabs, Josh and Cobs in this weeks episode

We cover a range of topics

* What have you been up to this week ?

* Cobs gets the band back together

* We say goodbye to Rugby Rugby Rugby league

* If you ipad is stolen is it illegal for you to retrieve it ?

Music from My Friends and I

* Toilet bombs

* Fireworks

and boobs........

This is only a small amount of whats covered in episode 54..... Enjoy the episode ! Thank you and good night

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Friday, 5 October 2012

If it wasnt an election year....would you be saying that ?

Welcome to the Dhead Factor Blog

This is Jabs

Well in both American and Australia we are having a political race... the problem of coarse being that there is no candidate anyone would like to win....

It reminds me of the recent Rugby League grandfinal where the teams that played had no meaning to me and I just liked to watch it for the fights that would definately occur.

And of coarse it has begun, With Julia Vs Tony and Obama Vs Mitt where does that leave both our countries ?

Im not a political man, but I have been watching both races and following where we are at, I think its a race to entertain the masses and not about politics at all.

But thats enough about that serious crap.

Ive been looking at some great random stories this week and they will be featured in our new episodes. I cant believe with all this funny new, such a women getting arrested for drawing a picture and police having to intervene after a swimmer starts abusing kids when he got splashed in a pool, we get to ponder if this should be the reality show we want to watch ?

This would have to be better then watching the political race, hell it would be better to watch Jersey Shore then to wake up and realise these people are running our country.......

<Insert god you believe in here> help us all

Here is the stream to our latest show for your amusement, and in this episode I get to take to Mr Ed Wallick comedian, podcaster and man with beard......

Come get some

Until next week, thank you and good night !!