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Monday, 27 August 2012

The DHead Factor Minisode

So as we wait to get the boys back together for episode 50

I have decided to reintroduce the minisode.....that allows more DHead more of the time....

well not really, it will be the same amount of episode.....this is just an excuse to do a solo cast.

So we have a new episode so stop complaining and thanks for listening.....

Here it is, money back gaurantee...

Jabs - The Dhead Factor

Check out this episode!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Royal and Doodall Day 2012


what have you been missing ?

There is a great little podcast called

The Royal and Doodall show

feature a collections of skits, random news, comedy, music and celebrity guest.....

We all falter in their light but that being said there is no reason not to get some Royal and Doodall action

In every episode you learn a little something about both these guys from

* The closet homosexual tendacies
* The alcoholics they will soon come
* The judgement of others thinking they are better and last but not least
* The Big Gay bear

There show features a ton of guest speaks from comedians Ed Wallick, Travis Clark and celebrity star host of The Dhead Factor 'Jabs'

There is also 2 americans and a news host....

Its actually pretty funny when you think about the show... maybe you dont need to listen and reading this is enough ?

I wouldnt thinks so either so I have found the embed player for you

That way there is no excuse not to love it.....

I also found the iTunes link

and because of their professionalism they are on Facebook, twitter (Royal_n_Doodall) and they have a web site thingy

This is Jabs, thank you and good night !

Oh yeah and celebrate a great independent show ! Get them charting on iTunes or listen into their live show latter today on u Stream

Find more details of the live show on twitter