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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Soccer World Cup.......Its not even football ?

So how is it going bloggers ?

Im stuck in the house for yet another week of the flu....

Bloody flu, Ive been trying to shake it for a couple of weeks

Oh well atleast I have 3 kids that allow me to rest....right ?

Soccer has nothing to do with this blog, as Im not sure of anything to do with soccer except they fall over alot....

great sport, as sport go, ever Harry Kewel has decided to get more money in England....

Strange when you think of it. Well the latest episode is out with a couple of drunk phone calls and random news.....

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

#fujosh was always the star......we all knew it

This episode was released before the actual bucks party


Probably a good thing when you think about it.

In this episode we take a look at a couple of reasons that #fujosh is the real star of the show....

Unfortunately its true...

In the latest clips we take a look at why thats true.....

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

New episode is if you didnt know

Im trying to decide if I should go on a rant or just show you the latest show ?

Its a bit of both when you think of it.

Whats up with Jersey Shore and why cant I stop watching it ?
It strange isnt it, so many people complain about it but still watch it......

I mean if we didnt watch this crap would there be a Human Centipede Movie ?
Did anyone actually believe that ? Are people more gorrified then usual ?
What ever happened to just standard entertainment where you could watch a horror movie and enjoy it ?

I mean should Jersey Shore be classed as the new form of horror ? Some episodes make me feel as disgusting as I do after watching the Human Centipede movie.

Have we gone to far with wanting to see everything ?
I mean, did Jackass lead the way ?

Not that I can complain, we do a show based on finding the random news from around the world without my blog rants....

But these are the  question we need to look at, do you have to drive past a crash to see what happened ?
That being said, our show has nothing to do with Jersey Shore, Human Centipede or other displays of human indignity.......

I will continue to watch Jersey Shore, out of amusement and contradict myself by complaining about how bad it is. One would think I could just turn it off.....but we need to know, how low these people will go.......

Here is our show....100% less Jersey Shore, just aussies having fun

Saturday, 2 June 2012

What is going on ? I mean really ?? Crazy people

So I would normally just put an episode up for you to stream !
But where would the fun in that be ?

I will put the player up for you to scroll through our episodes, we have been doing a couple a week.
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So now to the blog ! Whats going on ?
What is commitment ? Yesterday we sat in the rain with the weather at 5 degrees freezing and watching our team lose 40 to nil.....
It was kind of sad and depressing really when you thing about it but what can you do.
Our show is a funny look at random stuff in the world, but there are serious topics that need to be covered and we try to tread that line.
Our whole show is fun, you have fun listening and we have fun recording ! But that being said you should write to us and be part of the show !
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