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Sunday, 10 June 2012

New episode is if you didnt know

Im trying to decide if I should go on a rant or just show you the latest show ?

Its a bit of both when you think of it.

Whats up with Jersey Shore and why cant I stop watching it ?
It strange isnt it, so many people complain about it but still watch it......

I mean if we didnt watch this crap would there be a Human Centipede Movie ?
Did anyone actually believe that ? Are people more gorrified then usual ?
What ever happened to just standard entertainment where you could watch a horror movie and enjoy it ?

I mean should Jersey Shore be classed as the new form of horror ? Some episodes make me feel as disgusting as I do after watching the Human Centipede movie.

Have we gone to far with wanting to see everything ?
I mean, did Jackass lead the way ?

Not that I can complain, we do a show based on finding the random news from around the world without my blog rants....

But these are the  question we need to look at, do you have to drive past a crash to see what happened ?
That being said, our show has nothing to do with Jersey Shore, Human Centipede or other displays of human indignity.......

I will continue to watch Jersey Shore, out of amusement and contradict myself by complaining about how bad it is. One would think I could just turn it off.....but we need to know, how low these people will go.......

Here is our show....100% less Jersey Shore, just aussies having fun

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