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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Epis 53 - The thrilling conclussion to the interview that ......

In this episode !

Jabs takes on Ed in round 2 In a thrilling battle of the minds, we bring you the thrilling conclusion to the world acclaimed interview that is taking the world by storm.

It an interview like no other Will Jabs be able to get a word in ?

Will Ed shave his beard ?

Who threw a beer ?

What old school movies should you miss ?

Is Jennifer Connoly hot before her boob job ?

It questions like this that make you want to take it on ! catch our site at

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Epis 52 - A story told in 2 parts.....because Mr Ed Wallick talk too much....

Hello and Welcome to the Dhead Factor

In a 2 part epic episode, featured over 2 week we bring you the funny !

Well not the funny but a talk between 2 podcast greats, Mr Ed Wallick and Jabs from the Dhead Factor

In this show Ed and Jabs talk the hard topics

* Ed talks beer throwing

* Marijuana

* Breaking Bad spoilers

* How to insult femaile celebrities on twitter

and so much more

More to come next week but drop us a line @thedheadfactor and the website




Bringing back the goods ! Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for some great comedy

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Its a radio show, but a futuristic one

Welcome to the Dhead Factor Blog

What is it ?

Why are you reading it and what am I going to tell you that you dont already know ?

Lets take a look at what a blog is and why people feel the need to vent and talk to the internet universe.....

Blogs are varied and can range from Random news to an assortment of personal opinions... which is why you should read this blog, its different in a different kind of way.

Did you know you can stream our episodes here as well ? Bet you did already as you are an active participant in the glory of The Dhead Factor.

In the last couple of weeks, we have been trying to catch up on letting life and the show has suffered because of it ! Well not anymore, its time to ramp it up again.

We are The Dhead Factor and we bring you the news you need to hear, the funny stuff.

You can go anywhere to hear the latest on who was murdered or raped or other depressing stuff like that so we troll the internet to find some of the odd, wierd and random news.

We also cover some great music as well from indie artists, so if you have anything you would like to send through catch us on twitter


or find us out on thedheadfactor at

But lets take a look at what we are featuring in the episodes coming up, we cover a number of stories like

* The man that stuck a monkey down his pants
* How stupid are politicians
* Is it illegal to find your own stolen iPad ?
* What is it like to live in the capital of Australia ?

We give our truths in the only form it should be told, straight from our mouths. Through doing this show I stumbled across some great great people and shows.

By listening to us you dont get 1 show, you get a ton more !

Come drop by some time and welcome yourself to chat with friends, or Dickheads if your that way inclined

Heres the iTunes link :

or stream the latest episode here

Thank you and good night

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Epis 51 - The Dhead Factor not so mini minisode

In the first episode in 2 week we bring you back the funny

In this episode we taking on the hard topics

Jabs tells about his latest incident of alchohol provoked non violence

We take a look at the Canberra Raiders

Look into a random news story from Canberra

Summarise the story and take a listen to the band escape syndrome from Canberra

Its The DHead Factor, Taking a satirical look at random news from around the globe

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