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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Epis 74 - Back to the general norm of things !!!!!

Hi this is Jabs from the Dhead Factor and welcome to the latest episode.

Its been a long time since we released an episode by my commitment is that we are ready to start on the fortnightly shows again and ready to bring you the free entertainment that you deserve.

In this episode

* Jabs catches a bus

* Jabs, Josh and Stu talk the usually crap

* Music is supplied by the awesome band Deet

* Tons of Random news

* A new episode of Boganwood

And so much more.

Well thats about it from this end, but Im sure the show will give you some great entertainment.

Did I mention that I almost got attacked by a big kangaroo ???

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This is Jabs and your not

Check out this episode!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

What have we been up to with Cobs !!! The mystery man

Hi this is Jabs from the Dhead Factor

So is this going to be a regular thing ? Jabs writing blogs ?? Who knows, maybe it’s just one of those things that happens from time to time when you get an idea….. but will it stick !

Well the new episode is now only days away and I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited about it. Its been a while since we did an episode and after a well deserved break (If I do say so myself), we are ready to get back into the swing of it.
So how about that weather ? Doesn’t it annoy you that everyone now knows that this is something you say when you have don’t know the person well enough o start a conversation. Well how about that weather ? Its bloody cold in Canberra as you can tell from my photos on the blog and through instagram but that hasn’t stopped us from facing the elements to go and get drunk or watch the football…… rugby rugby rugby league……..

So we should give you a catch up on what some of the Dhead Factor boys have been up to since… about everyone favourite driver Cobs !!!!

Well Cobs is an interesting man…….

·        Cobs in a way of becoming even more private decided to go off the grid and start living his life as a hermet. He found a hole in the side of a rock wall next to bondi beach. It had everything and things were doing well. Cobs would wake up each morning to the sound, smell and sight of the ocean and think that his life was bliss. He lived off his savings for a number of weeks, that was until the government tried to evict him. After a lengthy court battle stating that his hermit hole was a home and not a hole, he decided to try and track down Bud Tingwell (an Australian actor who played an actor in the movie ‘The Castle’ to represent him, ensuring the success in his court case after seeing the movie. It didn’t go well, unfortunately the great Bud Tingwell has passed away and Cobs had to settle for the now over saturated Aussie actor Michael Caton and he lost his home (hermit hole). He is now travelling around Australia telling scary stories to camp kids, whilst stealing peoples mail. A number of Australian writers have reached out to get the story of his life from Cobs, but Cobs being from the movie business has stated that he will only accept if they allow him to write the theme song……sing the theme song……… Do Do dodo……

Well hopefully in the near future he will be submitting more material from his travels around Australia……
That’s it from me for now but don’t forget you can get more Dhead Factor from our site

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Thank you for listening and good night

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Finally the return is Coming !!!!!

Hi this is Jab from The Dickhead Factor
How are you all ? Miss us ??
Didn’t think so as none of you sent us a get well soon card.
What has been happening in the world since we decided to take (what I call a well deserved) break ?
Not much from our perspective other then the usual.
What have we been up to I hear you ask well not much but heres a recap
·        Jabs, became more godlike then he usually was by running for the election to the parliament, only to be ousted by a female. This caused him to plot and plan his way back by defacing her claiming that females had smaller brains ‘Its scientific’. This caused great distress as people asked for the reference point for this comment. Jabs was unable to comment further leaving his parliamentary campaign for good…..he wife was un-open for comment.
·        Fu Josh bought an airline. He decided to call it LION. In this airline the tickets would be dirt cheap but you would have to sacrifice on customer service. With the innovative LION airline FuJosh hired a person that was able to answer the phone, check you in for your flight and fly the plane. This was going good until the pilot was found out to be FuJosh himself. In the airplane was a range of gold he was taking and burying throughout Australia and with the customers on the flight he was able to make more money claiming it on tax and making people pay for his petrol. The LION airline is currently under investigation and FuJosh was unable to comment on where he actually got his flight licence from.
Those are only 2 of the DHead Factor boys and their antics since the ‘break up’ episode….. come back this weekend to hear from the boys and stay tuned for more background and catch up stories from the crew after the ‘incident’.

Coming this weekend……..
·        Random News
·        Skits (or an attempt at doing them)
·        Music
·        Cobs in the car
·        New Boganwood
And so much more
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Cheers Big Ears