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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Epis 74 - Back to the general norm of things !!!!!

Hi this is Jabs from the Dhead Factor and welcome to the latest episode.

Its been a long time since we released an episode by my commitment is that we are ready to start on the fortnightly shows again and ready to bring you the free entertainment that you deserve.

In this episode

* Jabs catches a bus

* Jabs, Josh and Stu talk the usually crap

* Music is supplied by the awesome band Deet

* Tons of Random news

* A new episode of Boganwood

And so much more.

Well thats about it from this end, but Im sure the show will give you some great entertainment.

Did I mention that I almost got attacked by a big kangaroo ???

check out the photos on instagram or on twitter @thedheadfactor

This is Jabs and your not

Check out this episode!

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