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Sunday, 26 February 2012

EPis 17..............Jabs is sooooo sick...........who cares.....

In this cast Jabs tackles the all insults of turning up Sick and works through a range of different stories.

Josh is back with Stu and Cobs and they are firing on all channels In a great cast we take on crime, boobs, dog burning and so much more ! Its like a podcast, only funnier Still havent heard if anyone is actually reading this stuff…..

Did I tell you I have a hand ? I do, I check every morning and its still there ?!? Whats cracking peeps ?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

EPis 17..............We are soooo sorry Whitney...........

In the latest episode we push forward without the co host Josh !! In this episode we say hello to Jabs and Aaron...... Talk about the recent burst of celebrity deaths....... Listen to jabs on Gee and Jay...... Smoke some crack and talk Whitney .....ouch and then comes the news Bring it on !! Awesome stuff ......did you know I got drunk last night ? I did ... it was fun......the hangover isnt

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Episode 16........I know your enjoying it.......

In this episode we talk Schooling crisis and how we can find money to help Jabs get his kids through school.

He is cheap that way you know.....

Have you heard of Succotash ? We have ...

.the podcast designed to help independent podcasts !!

On another note has summer come yet ? I bought an evaporative cooling system and havent had to use it yet

Whoshout is it ? Not mine........

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check us out on twitter @thedheadfactor Thank you and Good night..

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Episode 15 ........The Dhead Factor....Hang on Wheres Josh ?

Thats right Josh is missing ? Can we go on without him ?? You figure it out......we surely cant but we try anyway Its time for episode 15.....rock it out In this episode we take on shoes ! I kid you not We also discuss Random news and stuff and more stuff and then we talk abit ! Sounds tempting doesnt it ! Its not like the Indian cricket team we actually have talent or

on twitter @thedheadfactor Bring it !! Enjoy It ! Dont have sex with it

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gee and Jay Show Day is here ! Are you doing enough to support talent ?

Its Gee and Jay Show day in Australia.............Do you part by downloading it from iTunes
These guys run a great podcast and deserve to hit top 100 ! So far with all your support they have been featured and have hit 130......
Only 30 places to go !!! Download, ask you friend to download, steal other peoples phones and download.......then return them you criminal !
Stealing is bad
But this Podcast isnt ! If you love our show and I know you do ! Then check out the Gee and Jay show !
The only Irish podcast I listen 2 about 2 men from Belfast ! Featuring Lesbians ! Bananna Man references ! Drinking ! Criminal Activity ! Cohost Antics and so much more
The day is Feb 1 2012 and its just started in some part of the country !! Get it together people and dont be the one person not talking about the Gee and Jay show !!
You are a true friend in advance ! Now Im off to record our latest episode...
Here the link :