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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wow......was that your penis ?

Im not going to lie to you.....this show is not for everyones taste although some people do class it as actually funny ?

I know what are they thinking ?

In the latest episode it features a large amount of both Josh and Jabs as they talk the recent Gay Mardis Gras, UFC and a sydney trip that need to be heard to be believed.

We even got a bit lazy in the middle of it and clipped the Succotash show !

Great stuff, it funny and not in a vegemite kind of way.
I watched some movies the other day, they werent too bad. There was one called priest and it had some vampires and stuff in it.
It was pretty cool, speaking of cool it getting cold here in Canberra !

Very weird stuff, it a boring place that is now a boring and cold place. On a positive note though there is always our show for you to enjoy.

Im not certain you havent already listened, you people should write something back ! Who are you ? Why are you wearing my hat ?

Good evening !

Jabs - The Dhead Factor

Saturday, 17 March 2012

When things go Vegemite......

Hi This is Jabs from The Dickhead Factor

Hello all and one...... What has been happening?
That is an actual question which should warrant some form of response, if you are indeed someone that is not socially retarded......
So its been a hell of  a week so......There have been a range of problems that have made my life hard, this is what I call Problems of the Middle Class......
* I went to black Opal and had to look at ugly people.........Ugly People Cmon
* A Fat girl waddled in the middle of the pathway as I tried to walk into work........with no way of getting around her
* I had to resort to instant coffee after my Late machine broke
* We had our $400 seats at UFC ruined by listening to idiots yell out......'Kick him in the vagina' multiple times
* We had an Australian taxi driver on the way home.......doesnt sound bad ? He was a dick......
These are only a few of the issues that have affected me over the last week, but then I hear the bloke that made the movie KONY was caught masturbating in a toilet......
WOW, people are very self destructive, thats why we do our allows us to create persona's that we wouldnt normally get away with in a work environment....... Don't believe me ? Ask yourself if you are the same person at work, and at home ?
Even if you think you are, you are not telling yourself the truth.........
People need an outlet....other then yelling and screaming in a car..... hence the Dhead Factor......we cover the true Dickheads out there and provide a Dickheads opinion on it..... whats not to like ?
In the latest episode, I go solo and take on a few subjects that make me angry.... I also play some music, and talk to some friends from Royal and Doodall.....If you only hear one podcast today.... it should be this one.
Jabs- The Dhead Factor

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Episode 20 - Its a solo cast with a few friends

In an episode planned on the spot
Jabs go solo and not in the good sense
Making space for the talk with Doodall, Jabs takes on the full episode with an onslaught of ego boosting drab
Gee and Jay say hello with their guest the pirate Its really not something you keen on reading anyway is it
Did I tell you my son crashed my laptop !
Just in time for me to pay it off !

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Dickhead Factor comedy is subjective.......we thankfully are not

Its a rush job as Jabs and Josh do a mid week cast to get organised for the boy weekend ! Are you ready ? In this episode we ramble a bit...... Try to add some class with political intrigue...... Talk some random news Also thanks to Royal and Doodall the only guys that actually read this blurb..... The do a cast too go and check them out or click and you will see all the great podcasts !! Awesome, awesome peep............. Say Gday why dont you ?