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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wow......was that your penis ?

Im not going to lie to you.....this show is not for everyones taste although some people do class it as actually funny ?

I know what are they thinking ?

In the latest episode it features a large amount of both Josh and Jabs as they talk the recent Gay Mardis Gras, UFC and a sydney trip that need to be heard to be believed.

We even got a bit lazy in the middle of it and clipped the Succotash show !

Great stuff, it funny and not in a vegemite kind of way.
I watched some movies the other day, they werent too bad. There was one called priest and it had some vampires and stuff in it.
It was pretty cool, speaking of cool it getting cold here in Canberra !

Very weird stuff, it a boring place that is now a boring and cold place. On a positive note though there is always our show for you to enjoy.

Im not certain you havent already listened, you people should write something back ! Who are you ? Why are you wearing my hat ?

Good evening !

Jabs - The Dhead Factor

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