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Monday, 30 April 2012

The Dhead Factor is up to something

Wow its been a long time between drinks....

 In a story that spans many weeks I have decided to go back to blog writing !

I know where else would I go ?

The Dhead Factor is nothing if not for the fans and our listeners We have produced over 30 episodes now with a range of guest stars, interviews and great music

 But our show continues to be fun and that is the main thing Lets get the formalities out of the way....... Here is our latest episode

This is Jabs from The Dhead Fator and welcome to episode 30

In this episode we take on Anzac day with the formalities and then get into to some drinking fun.

We dont endorse you getting drunk the way we do but in the mean time its time to listen in and hear us perform responsible drinking .....kind of

Did I mention you cant shut us up and we now do 2 episodes a week ! No ? Well what the fuck are you doing about it now you know ?

Heres a taste of the mid week episode

Now sit back and listen.

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@thedheadfactor is twitter is where you can send us random news and music

Did I mention that we talk about random news from around the world ? We do and take the best of the funniest news taking it on one subject at a time.....

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

When SHit gets Weird #Fujosh is always there

The latest and some would think the greatest episode ever.....

Yeah maybe not, we have fun doing it and you can have fun listening to it. In this episode shits got strange and #fujosh got sick after checking out a site ! Im not going to tell you what the site is, I want you to listen to the show and I want you to enjoy it. Have a crack and tells us what you think and so much more !

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Episode 26 - The Tribute to the Succotash Show

Welcome to the ultimate in tribute shows to the Succotash Podcast

 In this episode #fujosh doesnt show up again......

 Jabs borrows the Succotash format and plays clips from Man Cave Podcast Dont Quit your Day Cast Royal and Doodall Gee and Jay And Succotash !! Have you stopped reading yet ? I havent stopped writing yet ..... blah blah blah blah #BigGayBear2012 !!! How you doing boys ?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Episode 23 - Its a really really good episode

 The latest episode ...........

 Hello Listeners ! In this newly extended episode things go crazy We have lot of fun and take on the worlds random news by giving you a glimpse into our lives...... Sounds interesting doesnt it.... It should because it aint half bad..... This is the first episode we actually had to remove something Josh had said..... I know ! Considering the show it must have been bad So subscribe on Stitcher and download it using the code Thedheadfactor or iTunes or any other format you may like ! Bring you the free humour from Australia ! Whats not to love twitter on @thedheadfactor and facebook