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Saturday, 2 June 2012

What is going on ? I mean really ?? Crazy people

So I would normally just put an episode up for you to stream !
But where would the fun in that be ?

I will put the player up for you to scroll through our episodes, we have been doing a couple a week.
If you dont have time to stream it then download it from iTunes or listen to it on Stitcher !
So now to the blog ! Whats going on ?
What is commitment ? Yesterday we sat in the rain with the weather at 5 degrees freezing and watching our team lose 40 to nil.....
It was kind of sad and depressing really when you thing about it but what can you do.
Our show is a funny look at random stuff in the world, but there are serious topics that need to be covered and we try to tread that line.
Our whole show is fun, you have fun listening and we have fun recording ! But that being said you should write to us and be part of the show !
We want you to be part of the show ! even to the point where you can call us on Skype and record with us ! Im serious type in The Dhead Factor on Skype and be part of it !
Have fun ! Thank you and good night
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