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Friday, 25 May 2012

The interuption of what was once greatness

How are you all ?
We at the DHead take on the Random news from around the world and put our Australian perspective onto it.

Im not going to lie, we sometime get carried away but honestly who could blame us ?

* Tanning mothers taking their daughters to the salon
* John Travolta getting touchy with male massagers !
* A candian man gets attacked whilst sitting on the toilet
* #fujosh isnt allowed to turn up to the football during the week.....

What is going on people ?

Is this place getting worse or has it become worse since we were classed as entertainment ?

I mean come on, we enjoy the show and so do you .... who wouldnt but we make entertainment out of the idiots in the worlds !

And it will only get worse

Take a listen to our latest show

Im not expecting you to listen to the whole show.... especially when you can get some listening pleasure from both

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It is interesting when you thin about it, and we expect you to be part of the show....

send us random news, or a tweet, or even just say Gday .......

We are driven by the fans and we enjoy our own show

Thank you and Good night

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