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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Epis 55 - The new feed is stronger and more resilient !

Hello and Welcome to Episode 55

Well I must warn you straight off the bat that this one is a bit random, but one of my favourite episodes in a long long time!


#fujosh, Jabs, Bogda and Stu

Its bound to get wierd

* We talk Tea bagging

* Josh explains himself after hitting a 5 year old

* Is Josh too old to drink ?

* Whens a good time to leave a kids party ?

* We talk sandwhich attacks in random news

* We also take a look at soap attacks

and debate is MIla Kunis the sexiest women alive

This episode features great music form the band Tides

Tides : Boat song

Find them here

Im going to let the episode do the rest of the explaining !

Only available on the new feed

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or the web

Thanks you and good night

* When

Check out this episode!

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