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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Feb 1 2012......Gee and Jay Day

Well where do you start ??

The Gee and Jay Radio show is from 2 Irish Guys ! The cover a range of different subjects and provide a comedic look at a number of events.

On Feb 1 2012, We are going to get Gee and Jay into the iTunes top 100 ! Why ? Why not ! Are you sick of seeing podcast that arent really podcasts in the iTunes countdown ? Let have a look at it.....most Podcasts in the top 100 are from actual radio presentations and are not specifically designed for the podcast format...........

Gee and Jay show are the exception......I personally love the podcast, it is very amusing and the music is second to none....

Im not going to brag about it too should check them out your self..... They really are better then a well scalped arse

Grab them on iTunes <itunes click here>

or check out there web site on

And remember Feb 1 2012....all you have to do is download, download, download people fro iTunes and lets get them onto the top 100 where they belong....

See you all on Feb 1


  1. 100 Miles new song here

    1. Cheers mate send it through to