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Friday, 6 January 2012

Best of 2011 Part 1 - The Dhead Factor

The Best of 2011 part 1...........In this new podcast we cover a large range of different subjects

Jabs - The Host

Josh - Co Host

and Stu - The ring in

talk podcasting .......

In this episode they take a look back at how the podcast was created and what they were trying to achieve whilst flashing back to their favourtie episode from 2011 and the Random news stories.

Basically the podcast is designed for entertainment purposes and is a tool for fun.... The boys (and sometimes a girl) like to talk shit about many subjects so they thought why not record it and take on the hard hitting subject such as

* A man that robbed a 7 11 in a gumby suit

* Tampon throwing attacks from Australia

* Midgets deaths in badger holes

* A family stuck in a corn maze for hours

and so much more......

As a way of bringing the entertainment they arlso bring great music from around the world and allow listeners to plug their own clips or bring something into the show....................

Why dont you design something and send it through they would love to hear from you.........

Now its time to sit back, relax and enjoy Australias number one Dickhead (thats what Dhead stands for)

The show is designed for fun so enjoy it !

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