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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Epis 63 - Is anyone actually keeping track of these episodes ?

Hello and welcome to The Dhead Factor epsiode 63

In this episode

Jabs ! (hold the applause)

Cobs ! (Settle down)

Julia Gillard (WTF ?)

Circle 7 with a bit of see me falling (

oh yeah and we talk some random news.

This episode was meant to feature more but I ran out of time, that happens some times

Im not the type of person that likes to ramble and I always thing out every word that I say before I say it, interesting considering wehat comes out of my mouth really. Was that a typo back there ? Can some fix that ? Is really hard to fix stuff like that now its up laoded.

Damn that was another one - Must be getting tired

Thank you and good night

Jabs - The DHead Factor


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