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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Its really a mess when you think about it

Wow, What is going on with iTunes ?

We actually have a podcast that people enjoy listening to and we have recently asked our listener to change over to Stitcher If you are on an iphone and now want to listen to any of your favourite iTunes podcasts/radio shows you get in a complete turn around of pressing buttons and freezing ipods..........

 What the F&ck people ?

It should be easy to listen to, like on Stitcher. Stitcher is an app we got invovled with about 7 months ago, and I have been impressed.

Measuring customer service against iTunes I have been in contact with a human at stitcher who couldnt do anything more to assist us if problems occur, or if I have any questions.

With iTunes, Im not even sure people are actually reading my emails ?

 Measuring easiness in use Stitcher you load your favourites, and press a button to start the show ITunes used to be great at this, but with the latest featured app, Im not even sure what Im listening to......

 But that being said, who am I to complain about this ?

 Im Jabs from The DHead Factor and its ultimately your choice to choose where you would like to hear from us

Here is the iTunes link

or here is the Stitcher link 

or you can just stream it here...... we cover the fun news and the stories you love to hear.......

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