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Monday, 16 July 2012

What if this isnt real ? And we are all stuck in the matrix ??

In this weeks rant !

 We take a look at the random news and headlines that are making people talk......

Well not just people, I mean us..

Thats right people instead of our usual silly advice we decide to amp things up a bit Think of a 3 year old picking on a 6 year old, I know its almost like Im watching it ?

If both my kids want to be called mother, does that make them lesbians ?
Should I speak to someone ?
 I think I should speak to someone but not about that.....Im thinking I should talk to someone about the time I was on a radio show..... Dont believe me ?

Here it is

Catch up with some mates... thats right we are aussie, aussie aussie ! Come get some Aussie talk

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