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Monday, 5 November 2012

Welcome to the Dhead Factor.....

This is Jabs

How is everyone being this week ? Did I ever tell you what the little embed player does ?
It give you a chance to listen in on history in the making.
This is an episode of our podcast, I know ! Its hard to believe we dont just write blogs.......
We also perform a radio podcast called The Dhead Factor

This show is recorded out of Australia and feature a wide assortment of subjects including news or random news.

It actually pretty good if you ask me, you are arent you 

Well what else is happening, has honey boo boo graced our screens again ?
Is Game of Thrones back ?
Has Dexter killed his sister yet ?

Whats so weird about Dexter in this season is that he was in a true life relationship with his sister.... and they broke up.

Now they are pretending to not like each other, is that acting ? It doesnt appear to be a far stretch, you can see the pent up anger from the divorce settlement hiding behind both their eye ....

I should at this time note, Im not ever sure they were actually married... but who cares as long as Dexter is still fighting evil

This has been my rant !

Thank you and good night !

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