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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Midweek Random newscast is out today ! Make sure you grab it !!

Hi this is jabs.........welcome to the Dhead Factors midweek round up of Random news

Making news in brief this week

- Former Prime minister, Kevin Rudd is questioned over his vegemite after trying to board a plane in America

- A nebraska man is arrested and sent to detox after mistaking a police station for a Casino

A 44 year old US mother is arrested after having sex with her sons hockey team mates........

and a man in Jacksonville is caught with 260 baby allgators.......

Topping Canadian news Fort France while stocks last Tim Hortons will be selling 'Smile' cookies for $1 with all the proceeds being donated to the OPP’s “Respect.Technology” program.

and in English news this week

Dont forget to bring a big basket to the Macclesfield Treacle Market, this Sunday

What the fuck is treacle ? Who knows and who cares !!!!

At the event there will be live music !

make sure you bring your dog and come for the day

bringing your children is (optional)!

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