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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Episode 3 - Um why are you making out with a Dog?

Welcome to the Dhead Factor.....

Episode 3 of three drunk guys has just finished recording and boy do we have a fun one for you
Welcome to The Dhead Factor- Three Drunk Guys - Episode 3

In this episode................

We meet Jabs and Josh as they introduce Stu and Bogda/Adrian/Boo

  • We take a look at the previous episode and discuss Josh's talent at doing accents
  • Have a look at Scarlett Johannson and her new photos...........
  • The Dhead Factor Podcast reaches 500 downloads.....we thank everyone and try to kep our surprise hidden
  • Discuss September 11..............Scotty's Bday
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We round up the week and thank everyone again for all their support
- We discuss Jabs ICE addiction
and finish off the show with Stunami's Bitch Out'
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