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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Episode 8

Welcome to the Dhead Factor.....

This is Jabs and below is the blog for episode 8, we hope you enjoy our latest episode as much as we do when we record it and make sure you support us in getting funding for charity in Movember
We will have regular photos of how our Mos are going

Welcome to The Dhead Factor- Three Drunk Guys - Episode 8

In this episode................

After song "Advertisement gone Awry" and the new disclaimer

We kick off the show and introduce Jabs (Host), Josh and Aaron

- After the intro we look back at previous episodes and see what we have to apologise for..... we will need to make apologies for the next episodes

- Give an updated on what we got up to last week..............

- We attempt to teach some more new and true Australian facts

After much random banter we take a break and listen to

Down the Machine "Know your Place

Grab your copy today from itunes on the link

or check them out on their website

After a quick clip from Jeff and Bobby from The need to know news cast.................

 we attempt to get back on track and introduce the Random news story 1

- A man get $100, 000 after being arrested for taking shampoo through an airport   .....

After the discussion goes down hill again........we jump into story 2

- A women in america is arrested for injecting cement into a womens butt

Due to the amount of random banter in this episode we have left a lot for next weeks Minicast episode ! Dont miss it

Before we finish off the show we try to figure out why it takes us soooooo long to finish the show and place in some adds

We get a bit serious and talk raising money for a great charity Movember, Where the boys will donate their faces for Mens health
We ask our listeners to donate for this good cause

In the close we give a shout out................ to The need to Know news (@TNTKNews) the twitter account too raunchy for twitter..........

a quick shout out to @geeandjayshow for all their support

..............and a special thank you to the Succotash show from america.......

Finish the show with Circle Seven and the Smash Hit 'Alcoholic'

Listen to it today and check out their site

Thank you for all your support, and Good night

Post some comments for us and the best will be used as part of the show !!

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Thank you and Good night

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