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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Epis 9 - The official Kory cast

Episode 9 - The official Kory cast

Welcome to the Dhead Factor…..

This is Jabs and below is the blog for episode 9, we hope you enjoy our latest episode as much as we do s you will be able to hear through the laughter and the shenanigans that occur..... we revamp the medium and jump into our fist official radio show on Rant Media........

Welcome to The Dhead Factor - Episode9 - The official Kory cast

In this episode…………….
We record an intro as Josh is again an absentee........
After that we introduce Jabs, Stu and Cobs and break into an impromptu song “Advertisement gone Awry” and the new disclaimer

The song by itself can be download from iTunes here - CLICK HERE

We kick off the show with a few changes to the format 

- After the intro we look back at previous episodes and see what we have to apologise for….. and talk about setting challenges each week !!

- Give an updated on what we got up to last week………….. including asking the question that stumbles us every week ' Do Asians have smell ?'

- We attempt to teach some more new and true Australian facts 

After much random banter we take a break and listen to

Circle Seven and the Smash Hit ‘Alcoholic’
Listen to it today and check out their site

Great great music ! We only play good musci on our show

We break into an add from the guys @antisemanticshw and hear what their show entales
 we attempt to get back on track and introduce the Random news story 1

-   A drunk man breaks into a Mcdonalds restaurant to cook himself something to eat …..

After the discussion makes us peckish……..we jump into story 2
- An English criminal (Not Asutralian) writes letter to people he robs explaining he isnt sorry

Story number 3
- A man calls 911 after stealing a boat and running out of petrol

We break into yet another great song froom the band Escape Syndrome

Heres the link to the band and more great music

Before we finish off the show we try to figure out why it takes us soooooo long to finish the show and place in some adds and plugs to other great podcast we are listening to

In the close we give a shout out……………. to Talking comics @talkingcomics the twitter account too raunchy for twitter……….

a quick shout out to @geeandjayshow for all their support

…………..and a special thank you to the Succotash show from america……

We finish the show with another song

Down the Machine “Know your Place
Grab your copy today from itunes on the link

or check them out on their website

Thank you for all your support, and Good night
Post some comments for us and the best will be used as part of the show !!
For the audio version get your free copy from the following sites

Tunein Radio
also available on Zune, Blackberry and anything you want us on
Drop us your random news at
twitter @thedheadfactor
Thank you and Good night

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