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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Minicast 5 - Its like a podcast but not really ? What is it ??

Welcome to the Dhead Factor.....

This is Jabs and below is the blog for minicast 5, we hope you enjoy our latest episode as much as we do when we record it
Welcome to The Dhead Factor- Three Drunk Guys - Minicast 5

In this episode................

Jabs go solo (Not uncommon for him)....................and breaks down the show
- News in brief
- Top story of the week 1
- An extract from episode3 that wasnt aired
- Top story of the week 2
and some more free music

- After the intro we shout out to our new buddy cast TNTKNews boys Jeff and Bobby ( the podcast too hot for twitter..........

Break into the random news of the week in brief

- A house in Portland is raided by police after flier was left around the street advertised the drug sales at the address

- A 61 year old women from Hinds County  is arrested after she called the police to make a drug deal

- Halifax the national bank sends a credit card application to Mr Steven Smith addressed  to Mr Fuck Off.

- The Bones and caskets have started to pop out of the ground in Iowa at the Oak Grove Cemetary

- Fort Frances Citizen of the year nominations are now closed, Kath didn’t make it

after the news in brief I break into the first Random news clip of the week

A northern Ireland man is arrest after trying to turn his faeces into gold

I then come back to introduce a clip from The Dhead Factors episode 3 feature Jabs, Stu, Josh and Adrian

 after the clip I break into the second Random news clip of the week

Before we finish off the show we check out Rotten Opera's hit Fuckity, Fuck, Fuck

I close off the show with a shout out to The need to Know news (@TNTKNews)

Finish the show with Stunami's 'Bitch Out' - Stay tuned after the show for a special add !

Thank you for all your support, and Good night

Post some comments for us and the best will be used as part of the show !!

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Thank you and Good night

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