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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Episode 5 - Four guys 2 microphones.........why wouldnt it work ?

Welcome to the Dhead Factor.....

This is Jabs and below is the blog for episode 5, we hope you enjoy our latest episode as much as we do when we record it
Welcome to The Dhead Factor- Three Drunk Guys - Episode 5

In this episode................

After an attempt to start the show the way we usually do the intro started with us kicking off the show and introduce Jabs (Host), Josh, Adrian and Stu

As will all things Dhead Factor...........they didnt go as planned

- After the intro we see what we need to apologise for and shout out to our new buddy cast TNTKNews boys Jeff and Bobby (

Afetr much random banter we attempt to get back on track and introduce the Random news story 1

- An American Family gets lost in a corn maze and contacts 911 for support

You think the title is strange you should hear the full story, the boys dig into the questions that need to be asked.......

After coming back from the story the boys try and convince Jabs to do news stories with an accent and attempt to screw up the wording of the he needed to try....................

- Story number 2 takes us back to Episode 3 where we revisit the guy that hacked Scarlett Johansons computer and put up nude photos of her on the internet as well as others

- In Random news story 3 a 44 year old english man lives off roadkill gets worse it was for 30 years, and he is a taxi dermatologist.....................well not really but you get the point.

- As discussed in episode 3, we revisit the Gumby robber and see how he is going................spoiler ! He turned himself in ................

Before we finish off the show we check out Rotten Opera's hit McFuck

In the close off the show the boys attempt to give a shout out................attempt being the operative word so we shout out to The need to Know news (@TNTKNews)

Finish the show with Johnny Roakills 'These Times' - Stay tuned after the show for a special add !

Thank you for all your support, and Good night

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