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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Episode 1 - The truth is now out there.........the problem is shutting us up !

Episode one of The Dhead Factor podcast was launched today with Jabs, Scotty and Josh leading the way for all other podcasts. It may be funny, but its borderline offensive and the cut dialogue, went somewhere we we didn't think we would ever go.............but its done and we are better off for it.

A satirical look at Random news dedicated to all those DHeads out there ! Starting late August the not to be taken seriously news will be told combining modern media and music

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In the beginning there were 2 men ! Well thats because Scotty was in the toilet urinated on our toilet seat !

When the podcast started the tone had been set for some low brow offensive humor and it kept going down and didnt look back

  • The first clip shown to the team, was 1 man 1 jar and the reaction was priceless. Heres a few pictures of Josh as he digested the video

  • You wont believe Scotty's tips on inserting things in your anal cavity !
  • Family are prisoner due to a wallaby provided by heres the link
Wacker Attack

  • Canadian Mayor plants 20 ton boulder on ex wifes driveway
Mayor 20 ton boulder The Globe and

  • 11 year old German buy complains about Chores
The German Boy 11 

  • Harry Kewel signs with an Australian team......Scotty gets worked up
  • Which leads into the English Riots.....Scotty remains worked up 
  • Scotty talks about penises ................again
  • The Inbetweeners movie is released
The inBetweeners preview

  •  LMFAO fat or Skinny......The boys debate as Jabs takes a break..........

LMFAO Wikki page

  • Scotty points out the Microphone
  • The boys ask Scotty to put his shirt back on
  • Jabs tells the story of two dogs having sex
  • Man drives home using his feet as the breaks (Flinstone style)
The Flinstone driver

  • Scotty gets his penis out
  • The talk turns to Jabs and his obsession with 'The Breakfast Club'
The breakfast Club trailer

  • The talk turns dark..............
  • Josh shows his accent skills and the boys summarise songs and movies.......
  • In the end the boys leave some thoughts and lead into episode 2
The end.............kind of

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In summary The Dhead Factor Podcast - Episode 1 -

The first episode of the Dhead Factor...We take a look at 1 man 1 jar.....pick on Scotty and need to add some disclaimers...'If you dont like yourself, Kill yourself' Is taken out of context and will be fully explained in episode two......

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